DIY Vs. Professional Commercial Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Professionally cleaning your commercial roof is a wise investment that will save you money, prolong the lifespan of your building’s roof, improve its aesthetic appeal, and more. However, you may be tempted to take on the task yourself.

Unfortunately, DIY pressure washing of a roof can be dangerous and could result in damage to the surface or structure. It can also void warranties and lead to water seepage problems.

Roof Cleaning


Professional cleaners use environmentally friendly chemicals that lift dirt, kill moss and other organic growth, and then rinse it off using a light pressure washing technique. This prevents excessive damage to your roof. In addition, a commercial roof cleaning company may apply various protective coatings that can increase your roof’s life span and efficiency, such as zinc oxide, which can stop moss or algae growth. These extras can add up to an expensive job.

The cost of a business roof cleaning project will vary based on the size and complexity of the building. Still, having a professional assess the work before making any commitments is best. Additionally, any cleaners you consider hiring should be able to provide proof of liability insurance in case they suffer accidental damage while working on your property. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure the job is done during dry weather to ensure your roof is clean and safe.


Roof cleaning is a dangerous task that requires specialized training and equipment. Many people try to save money by cleaning their roofs, but this project should be left to professionals. Falling off a roof can cause severe injury or death. It is also essential to know that walking on a wet roof can cause tiles to crack and break.

When a roof is cleaned correctly, it can help extend the roofing materials’ life. Regular maintenance can prevent moss and algae growth, which can wear down the roof over time, leading to expensive repairs.

Professionals are trained and equipped to operate at heights securely and to use soft cleaning procedures that are safe for the roofing material. They also have liability insurance that can cover any damage caused by the process. In addition, professional roof cleaners can provide valuable insight into the condition of the roof and its underlying structures.


Many property owners take on DIY roof cleaning projects because they believe it will save them money. However, this is often not the case. The upfront financial investment in pressure washers or other necessary equipment and materials can be expensive, while the time commitment is also substantial.

Property owners must find time in their busy schedules to clean the roof and may encounter unexpected issues that can prolong the project. A professional roof cleaning company can handle the task quickly and efficiently.

Roof cleaning professionals have the experience to work safely at heights and are well-versed in the appropriate cleaning methods for different roofing materials. Mistakes could damage the waterproofing layer, crack tiles, or warp shingles. Regular cleanings by a professional roof cleaner can help extend the lifespan of a commercial building’s roof and prevent costly damage. Moreover, these services are often more affordable than replacing a damaged roof.


Professionals know exactly what products and techniques will work best regarding roof cleaning. They can use environmentally friendly chemicals to lift dirt, kill organic matter, and rinse away the residue, ensuring that they are not causing harm or damaging your roof in the process.

Professional roof cleaners can also identify potential problem areas and recommend preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs. They will also guarantee that your roof is cleaned during dry weather, which reduces the chance of accidents due to slick surfaces and maximizes the cleaning solution’s efficacy.

Homeowners and commercial property owners are often tempted to DIY their roof cleaning to save money. However, it’s important to remember that this is a task best left to the professionals. Attempting a DIY roof cleaning project can result in safety issues, property damage, and less effective cleaning. Hiring a professional exterior cleaning company will save time and money and prevent unnecessary stress.

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